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Your choice, your decision!

Exceptional formula of the event that allows the participant to decide how many laps they are going to run attracts daredevils from different running formulas with various physical condition.

Biegun race is well received in the sports community – it is proved by the presence of cross-country running, outdoor and cross-fit teams at the start: Koniuchy OCR, BigYellowFoot Adventure Team, xRunners, Dirty Sparrows, Husaria Race Team, MTB – Małe Trójmiasto Biega, Ebrogym, Padł Na Ryj Team and Wild Team.

The initiator and organizer of Biegun event is Adventure Park Gdynia Kolibki. The Park stands for more than 12 years of experience in organizing corporate events, integration events, picnics and field rallies. For 10 years, we have been running the largest adventure park in Poland.

We are also the organizer of the first Wrak Race (Wreck Race) car event in Poland, as well as the most difficult off-road running race recognised by the trade press – Bieg Morskiego Komandosa (Marine Commando Race), in which skilled runners have been testing their strength for 10 years.

Biegun OCR is a qualifying event for OCR World Championships.

Baukrane – strategic partner of the race