Biegun OCR – an interesting formula of any number of laps makes the competition popular among newcomers as well as leading Polish OCR runners. Thanks to a special design of the race everyone has a chance to take part, feeling that they are testing their skills and abilities. Below you can get acquainted with the Regulations for each category.

This category is a competition for the OCR runners in Poland. In order to meet the expectations and requirements of this specific group of runners, we have created a series of demanding obstacles, located on a four-kilometre-long route. Years of practice and organisation experience have allowed us to get perfect conditions for a fair play competition whilst the introduction of strict rules which do not allow for any mistakes ensures just selection of winners.

The main objective of this category is to promote cross-country running with obstacles as a discipline enabling a wider group of competitors to demonstrate and test their abilities. We were the first in Poland to create a run where the competitors decide how many laps will they run. There is a choice of one, two or three laps. We placed about 25 obstacles along a 4-kilometere lap and they can be passed alone as well as with the help of other competitors.

This offer is addressed mainly to companies. Overcoming obstacles together, mutual motivation to act and great fun in the open air is an ideal way to tighten the ties between colleagues and create a perfectly harmonious team! Each team member has to complete one lap of the route (about 4 km) and overcome obstacles set by the organizer.

Innovative formula of the run allows you to spend time with your family. It gained popularity incredibly quickly among people who like to spend time outdoors. It is not only an opportunity to have fun together, but also to instil an active and healthy lifestyle in the youngest children, present fair play rules and teach them how to help each other.

This race was created at the beginning of 2019 in response to a need to create something special. This category is a challenge aimed at the most resilient runners. The competitors will be running for eight hours and the winner will be a person who runs most laps.

A proposition for those who would like to try their hand at running with obstacles but are still afraid. The route that coincides with the route of category Open has been prepared in such a way that everyone has a chance to overcome it. Alternative, easier obstacles give the participants more freedom to choose and explore their limits.

Biegun OCR Ninja Track 

Baukrane – strategic partner of the race