In five years we have created several dozen original obstacles. Our crazy ideas have surprised the competitors more than once and for each edition we try to prepare something new.

It is a kind of nod to the fans of BIEGUN. Both new and old creations appear on the route, which gave the participants more than once a chance to overcome their weaknesses and develop the technique of overcoming a given obstacle. The already cult tasks are e.g. confronting the “North Pole” called “Neptune’s Revenge”, the sills of Biegun or the bag/chain haggling.


Each edition of Biegun is different. Each has its own specificity – marshy spring, beach summer and mountainous autumn – and also different obstacles. Of course, we rely on classic hits of obstacle courses such as various walls, tunnels and barbed-wire entanglements. We are also familiar with OCR constructions such as multirigs, lowrigs or various combos. However, we always balance the difficulty in such a way that each of the participants of our run can cope with obstacles, or when running in the Open wave, with an alternative penalty ;)) Surely it is impossible to get bored on our obstacles, and with a bit of training you can easily beat them! So what can the participants expect??